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Life sometimes doesn't happen the way you plan it from the onset. My life is a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly.

If I could summon up courage to forge ahead and become better after my incarceration in Federal Prison, picking up the pieces of my life and getting back up, you also can do much more.

I was born and raised by a single mother that I viewed to be the most powerful woman in the world. Growing up, I watched as my mother hustled to provide for me and my siblings by any means necessary. Taking great pride in my mother’s determination to raise us as a family, I embodied in her strength which molded me into an outspoken, well-dressed little girl with my eyes on the world. 

My story is an inspiration for you.

Grounded by the church, and expressing hobbies for writing and speaking publicly, I began to showcase my talents at the young age of thirteen and has yet to look back. Filled with the desire to help, I began to use my talents to motivate and uplift others through writing and public speaking. Since being raised in a church filled environment, I knew that taking on the role of being over the morning announcements and the dance ministry would be worth something more than a resume builder.

Taking my religious values very seriously, I believed that I was destined to do great things. As life would have it, I took a turn into the game of survival which lead to leading a life as a “Hustler’s Wife”. 

Becoming accustomed to the fabrication of a fabulous life, I turned to the streets to provide me with all of life’s riches. Hustling became my new lease on life until I found myself facing a 35-year prison sentence. With my hands clasped together on bended knees, I remembered my mother saying “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”.  With renewed faith in God, I began to reevaluate my outlook on life. Feeling that the enemy won, my reclamation of my salvation while in wait at the women’s detention center only added more blessings for me as a newfound young woman. 

Winning the Correctional Idol Contest gave me the affirmation that I needed. Recommencing the skills that never left my hand or heart, I won a spot on a CD with Malcolm Jamal Warner and on Russell Simmons Def Poetry Slam. Enjoying my renowned love for writing, poetry, and mentorship, I spread all of her positive energy throughout my family and ministry on love, life, and inspiration.

By creating an image as a Confidence & Mindset Coach to inspire others with my story and the recreation of my life, I wanted to share my trials and tribulations to mentor others and show them the path that God has set forth. Knowing and believing that God can and will show up in your life during your most controversial times, I want you to know that being patient and humbling yourself proves that you too can make the right advancement in life.

Now living a life of substantial wealth in Christ, I am a free woman who’s working and building her media empire that motivates and inspires others through the works of art and entertainment. Feeling compelled by my story, I feel that there is no shame in sharing my life story. I hope that my story heals and motivates those that feel all hope is gone.

I am a mother, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, an author and a success coach who has overcome trials and tribulations with goals to enrich, empower and inspire everyone I meet. 

My hopes are to transform each being and to convert their lives from walking by sight, but by faith alone.

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