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Estella Dior is the "Inspirational Conversationalist" who chooses to converse with her audience instead of delivering a traditional speech. She is not you average keynote speaker.

Known to many as a life coach, author, media mogul, inspirational/motivational speaker, & life survivor; Estella Dior's mission is set on cultivating and motivating communities worldwide.

Speaking Topics:

Confidence, facing fears, resilience, hope, perseverance, strategy, lessons learned, reform, social justice, internal dialogue, starting and sustaining a successful business, and how to pick up the pieces after everything falls apart.

Social Media:

Through online outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Clubhouse and LinkedIn; Estella Dior has built her brand through empowering her online community and inspiring thousands daily.


Estella Dior has a strong influence over the female 18-34 demographic which is rapidly growing.


As a 34 year old, Estella Dior found herself in a position no one wants to be in, behind bars at a Federal Female Prison. Even worse, Estella Dior couldn't gather the thought of being there- she only knew that she was destined to become more than just another number in the prison system.

Through a combination of prayer, honest self reflection encouraging others; dedication and commitment, Estella Dior stood out from her “identity" as prisoner #17952021 to become one of the world's most well-known motivational speakers, by holding the title, "The Inspirational Conversationalist."

Estella Dior is more than a speaking expert. She is passionate about using her experiences to help others who are lacking direction and purpose. With her talents, she guides others to not only meet their God-given potential but to exceed it! 

In “You was Destined To Survive”, you will discover Estella’s story and learn how her lessons and experiences will help transform thousands of lives all around the world. 

....encourage people to figure out their passions because that will lead them to their purpose...

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