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Hello there! I am so honored you scrolled and stopped by.


I’m Princess Estella Dior, a Confidence & Mindset Coach who loves empowering extraordinary women to take the limits off, so they can unlock, unravel and unleash life without regret, knowing and believing their past doesn’t determine their future.


It is my mission to help you identify the beliefs that limit and hinder you, help you expose the lies that keep you stuck where you are. I will show you how to live the life you deserve and desire. 

Together we will strategically create a plan that will get you unstuck from where you are and catapult you into the path of your new journey called completeness.


REMEMBER, “It starts with the renewing-of YOUR Mind” as the scripture says, as a man thinketh so is he and out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Your mindset is where the battle starts, your mouth is where the blessings lie… 

Together we work towards creating breakthroughs in order to elevate your self-esteem and self worth. We do this through techniques like visualizations and affirmations to help transform your thinking and create the life you are


I thrive to unlock, unravel and unleash minds to help thought leaders break mental barriers that hinder them from evolving in their business industry, and personal life. Through my impactful, powerful mindset and leadership methodology, I have created the Build Her C.R.O.W.N System: Confidence, Resilience, Optimism, Worth, Networth.


The message powerfully incites, but more importantly makes a transformative impact on the lives of women.


If you are a woman struggling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome or fears, you are in the right place. I am passionate about helping women boost their confidence and overcome their mindset blocks to go from stuck to soaring, with confidence and clarity. 

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